My Work

Freebie Plus

This was my first website developed using Asp.Net. The site was very crude, but it got me started in web development, and I have been loving it ever since. The site was coded using Asp.Net MVC 4 with Linq to SQL and the repository pattern.

Jobs8 - Windows 8 App Jobs8 on the Windows Store

When Windows 8 was first coming out, I wanted to port Jobs7 from the Windows Phone over to Windows 8. When I learned that I could use HTML, CSS, and Javascript to create the app, I jumped at the opportunity.

Jobs7 - Windows Phone 7 App Jobs7 on the Windows Phone Marketplace

I noticed there weren't any job search apps for Windows Phone, so I decided to make this app. It takes data from a couple job search APIs and combines them in a listview on the app. It's built using XAML and C#.

Freebie7 - Windows Phone 7 App Freebie7 on the Windows Phone Marketplace

This app was my first mobile app I created. I took the data I have from my Freebie Plus site, and made it available in a Windows Phone app. I created a RESTful WCF service to expose the data, and I am using XAML and C# on the frontend.

Job Search App - Android Job Search App - Google Play

This is a native Android app.

Job Search App - iOS Job Search App - iTunes

This app was built as a responsive Cordova/PhoneGap iPhone and iPad app.

Gary's Lawn Sprinkler Repair

Gary has since retired and asked me to take the website down.

My father was starting a new Lawn Sprinkler Repair business, so I told him I would make him a website. He really didn't think it would be beneficial, but over 50% of his new clients in 2009 and 75% of his new clients in 2010 came from the web. The site uses Asp.Net MVC 4. I did all the design and development.