Work Experience

Kindred Healthcare Louisville, KY - Healthcare

(Mar 2017 - Aug 2019)
Technical Lead / Architect (Contract to Hire)
  • Lead Developer and Architect for Call Center application using both Asp.Net MVC with jQuery and Asp.Net Web API with Angular. Backend tiers built with Asp.Net Web APIs using C#, EF and SQL Server, and Azure storage and WebJobs for queue management. Entire application is hosted in Azure.
  • Technical Lead for up to 7 developers at a time in an Agile Scrum environment, focusing on maintainable and readable code. Duties included assigning work, code reviews, weekly 1-on-1s, and technical overviews.
  • Technical Lead, Architect, and Mentor for joint project with University of Louisville Co-Op students. Provide guidance to up to 4 students at a time.

Medalogix Nashville, TN - Healthcare

(Oct 2014 - Jan 2017)
Lead Application Architect (Remote)
  • Architect and Lead developer in Scrum environment on client facing website using Asp.Net MVC and C# with a SQL Server and Entity Framework code first backend. Website uses Bootstrap, LESS, jQuery, and AngularJS. Architecture includes web farm hosted in AWS with a focus on enhanced security and optimal performance.
  • Developed and maintained API built using Asp.Net Web API and C# with Redis cache, utilizing VXML for outbound call placement. Created multiple Windows Services to support apps including custom queue with integrations to 3rd party WCF Services.

Northshore Partners Troy, MI - Consulting

(June 2014 - Oct 2014)
Senior Developer (Remote)
  • Lead Developer on CMS project using DotNetNuke. Streamlined interaction with development contracting company and optimized internal processes.
  • Developer on reporting website using Asp.Net MVC, Kendo UI, and Entity Framework. Code was unit tested using NUnit with Telerik JustMock and Moq mocking frameworks.

ICA Informatics Corporation of America Nashville, TN - Healthcare

(May 2013 - June 2014)
Senior Application Developer (Remote)
  • Senior Developer on team creating administrative website using Asp.Net MVC 5 and C# with MySQL and MarkLogic databases. Website uses NHibernate ORM, Bootstrap CSS Framework with LESS, and Javascript with jQuery.
  • Developed RESTful API using Asp.Net Web API and Dapper ORM with MySQL backend. API was optimized for performance and created using the TDD methodology.
  • Lead developer focusing on architecture and design of code, communication and collaboration with other teams, and mentoring of the other developers.

Heartland Payment Systems Jeffersonville, IN - Credit Card Processing

(February 2011 - May 2013)
Senior Developer / Team Lead
  • Lead Developer on project to rewrite Inventory Management and Order Management systems. Websites were written in Asp.Net MVC 3 and 4 using C#, Razor, and jQuery with a SQL Server database and Entity Framework with Code-First Migrations.
  • Team Lead over two developers in charge of architecture, coding assignments, code reviews, and mentoring the team members.

SGS International Louisville, KY - Manufacturing

(April 2010 - Feb 2011)
Web Developer
  • Maintained and acted as project lead for order entry website which was built using mostly JavaScript, with a C# middle tier, and SQL Server database. Utilized project management skills to manage 1 developer and 1 tester.
  • Developed shipping portal built on Asp.Net 3.5 using C#, jQuery, and SQL Server database. Code was written using TDD with the MVP pattern for the presentation layer and the Service / Repository pattern for the business and data layers.
  • Responsible for management of releases which included overseeing the releases from development to production, coordinating resources, and acting administrator of the TFS 2010 work items and workflow.

SHPS Inc Louisville, KY - Health Care

(July 2009 - April 2010)
Web Developer
  • Designed and developed Healthcare web application using C# and Asp.Net 2.0 and 3.5, jQuery, MVP (Model-View-Presenter), Unity IoC Container, and Oracle backend. Custom ORM built using T4 templates and Repository pattern. Project was managed using Agile techniques with daily scrums and weekly iterations.
  • Maintained code and performed enhancements on existing website and codebase using Waterfall lifecycle. Technical Design Documents (TDD) created for each Business Requirements Document and Functional Requirements Document before coding.

American Commercial Lines Jeffersonville, IN - Transportation (Barges)

(Jan 2006 - July 2009)
  • Developed web applications and web services using VB.Net, ASP.Net, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for the company‚Äôs customer portal and service provider portal.
  • Conducted analysis, gathered requirements, designed, developed, and maintained VB.Net and VB6 applications for the business. Played key role in all steps of the Software Development Life Cycle for new applications as well as implementing agile methodology into the life cycle.
  • Developer in a support role for major systems in the company using VB.Net and VB 6.0 with an Oracle 9i backend. Support included migration of applications from VB 6.0 to VB.Net. Reports were created using Crystal Reports. Integrated Sarbanes Oxley compliance into applications and workflow.
  • Improved performance on a majority of the operations for two of the major Windows applications. Optimizations included creating Oracle packages in place of inline SQL, optimizing the SQL and PL/SQL, as well as tuning the VB.Net and VB 6.0 code.

New Age Technologies Louisville, KY - Consulting Company

(March 2005 - Jan 2006)
Consulting Programmer
  • Developed web pages on internal systems using VB .NET and JavaScript on the front end and a SQL Server 2000 back end.
  • Implemented enhancement modules to ERP system. Worked with Business Analyst utilizing functional requirements to create technical requirements. Automated previous processes to eliminate use of spreadsheets, greatly reducing human interaction. In one instance, processing time decreased by 75%.
  • Administrator for SQL Server 2000 database which was used by 20 people. Main duties included routine backups and maintenance as well as handling any issues that arose.
  • Maintained all previously written modules, including improving system documentation, and correcting all bugs.
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