My Work


You can check out some of my open source work over at GitHub.

Freebie Plus

This was my first website developed using Asp.Net. The site was very crude, but it got me started in web development, and I have been loving it ever since. The site was coded using Asp.Net MVC 4 with Linq to SQL and the repository pattern.

Jobs8 - Windows 8 App Jobs8 on the Windows Store

When Windows 8 was first coming out, I wanted to port Jobs7 from the Windows Phone over to Windows 8. When I learned that I could use HTML, CSS, and Javascript to create the app, I jumped at the opportunity.

Jobs7 - Windows Phone 7 App Jobs7 on the Windows Phone Marketplace

I noticed there weren't any job search apps for Windows Phone, so I decided to make this app. It takes data from a couple job search APIs and combines them in a listview on the app. It's built using XAML and C#.

Freebie7 - Windows Phone 7 App Freebie7 on the Windows Phone Marketplace

This app was my first mobile app I created. I took the data I have from my Freebie Plus site, and made it available in a Windows Phone app. I created a RESTful WCF service to expose the data, and I am using XAML and C# on the frontend.

Job Search App - Android Job Search App - Google Play

This is a native Android app.

Job Search App - iOS Job Search App - iTunes

This app was built as a responsive Cordova/PhoneGap iPhone and iPad app.

Gary's Lawn Sprinkler Repair

Gary has since retired and asked me to take the website down.

My father was starting a new Lawn Sprinkler Repair business, so I told him I would make him a website. He really didn't think it would be beneficial, but over 50% of his new clients in 2009 and 75% of his new clients in 2010 came from the web. The site uses Asp.Net MVC 4. I did all the design and development.